Lipstick for goats

Lipstick for goats

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Mean Girls

If you think some girls from school were bullies I can tell you pregnant does hold the trophy of being nasty, spiteful females.

Put a bunch of hormonal does together and you can be assured of a bitch fest. Instead of words they use their heads.  Copow!  A good head butt to the side of that one simply because she is in another’s space. How the unborn kids survive this punishment just proves how tough goats are.

The herd heavies can sniff out a more timid vulnerable doe in a second and intimidate her to the extent she is too scared to even try to come to the feed trough. If she does make it that far she is constantly on the lookout for the full on head butt to the side of the body, racing in and out of the melee at the food bar, trying to grab a bite to eat but maintain her safety. would think these girls are starving.  I take my life in my hands when I feed them morning and afternoon. 

The scene is quite manic.  Before I can even empty the grain into the troughs I am being pushed and jostled from all sides, a tangle of their horns, head and bodies shoving between my legs to get to the food first.  My thighs are constantly horn bruised. Keeping my balance is simply a miracle.

Once the food is out the silly girls run in a frenzy from one trough to another, just in case they are missing out on something better over there. 

I seem to be always saying to them, “Girls a little decorum please, you are pregnant.’

Clover is queen of the hay feeder.  She will jump into the middle of the feeder dominating from above, making sure she has the royal share of the hay.

These two girls are clever.  They scramble under the bale holder to eat from underneath where they can’t be attacked or run off by stand over girl Jasmine.

"No Closer Blondie!"

Bella certainly puts ‘B’ into bully and bitch.  She will wallop into any goat too close to her, no provocation needed.

It gets no better after kidding.  If a little babe mistakes a doe for its mum, or gets too close to her, the doe will use a slightly more gentle head swipe to push it away.  I am quite horrified at the meanness towards the innocent kids. 

"Outa my space kid, you don't belong to me"
Watching this carry on I wonder what happened to my usually sweet natured girls.

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