Lipstick for goats

Lipstick for goats

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Rockstar serves his groupies

Upon his arrival the girls were in a lather of goatie hormones.  Such a handsome boy, with cologne to die for (if not to die from).  Rockstar’s grooming was perfect, he was encrusted in urine; he had peed all over his face, goatie beard, and down his front legs, even into his mouth, an amazing feat!

Yeah, he is a real cool dude.   Like a true star he swaggers between his groupies flapping his tongue, while the shameless hussies wiggle their tails rapidly under his nose and brush up close to his magnificent presence.

A couple of the girls will try to get his attention by squatting and urinating so he can place his nose in the urine stream.  This is so wonderful he raises his head, curling/rolling his lip to detect the pheromones that tell him she is ready to be mated.  

Now the party starts. He begins dancing with a lucky girl by kicking one of his front legs forward along her side and singing; well it is actually more like a blubbering and hollering, but hey, he is the star, who am I to criticise his musical talent. 

The girls swoon, they love him. He is Rockstar!


Jagger was my first buck and predecessor to Rockstar.  I had no idea of the bucky ritual when they are in rut. All I saw in my paddock was my buck doing his best impersonation of Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones. He was strutting around the paddock stage, lips curling, tongue flapping and belting out his interpretation of ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’ to the girls. 


There is no other smell to compare to the eau de cologne of buck. It is possibly the worst stink you could ever encounter and this is even before they start urinating over themselves for rut.  Imagine an acrid stink on steroids!  The buck has a scent gland behind his horns that produces oil. I am sure the oily particles float through the air permeating the very pores of your skin, rendering clothing unfit to wear, wedging in the sinuses and making your eyes burn. Don’t even think of touching him even with a finger the smell will not easily wash away, but for some reason the does think it is the most divine aroma and go mad for it.  

After the does stage door date with Rockstar I now have 20 wide loads all due to kid anyday.
Yippee more cute kids! 

This girl still had six weeks to go at the time of the photo. I am betting this lovely wide load is having triplets.

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