Lipstick for goats

Lipstick for goats

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Accidental Stinkies

One is probably my fault. The other is nature’s fault.

They are jewel-less on the outside. On the inside the testosterone still thrives. 

They stink, so I call them my ‘Stinkies’. I can’t give them names as they are not what I intended; they will have to go – at some stage- when I feel strong. They might stink but they are lovely natured.

They are my accidental bucks or half neutered boys known as stags.

You see I left a nut, jewel, stone, testicle, gonad, whatever you would like to name their maleness.  Mister 121’s slipped back inside him so I only ringed one.  Mister 127’s testicle just did not descend so I figured by 16 weeks of age when we still could not feel a testicle inside him  he only was ever going to have one ball –  wrong he wanted to  keep one of his testicles tucked well away for himself! His condition is called crytorchidism, it is a genetic defect and heritable, so even if the animal is fertile he should not be bred from.  

Most men cross their legs wincing when I describe the neutering process.  My husband holds the boy kids on their back in his lap, their back legs hanging down between his legs, so I have a clear way to ringing the testicles in the scrotum with a elastrator ring. The rubber ring slowly cuts off the blood circulation to the testicles. After several weeks the scrotum and balls wither and fall off. There is a bit of moaning – mostly from my husband as he sympathises with the boys. 

The first indication all was not wethered with these two was the thickened neck and strong horns, the beard started to grow, with these changes their interest in the girls grew. Slowly their bodies thickened and then the delightful stink began announcing a buck on the lightest of breezes. 

If one testicle is retained in the body its temperature will constantly be higher than it would be if residing in the scrotum. This reduces fertility or can cause sterility, but he will still show all the traits of a sexually active buck. 

Stinky 127 is more buckish and dominant than his buddy 121. I have caught him peeing all over his front legs and face to impress the girls on the other side of the fence. I suspect of the two there is a small chance he may still be fertile, I’m not so sure about 121 (who is Xanthe’s brother. (See my posts Call the midwife - Hell not her! and  Xanthe the baby goat). 

Neither were meant to be retained as bucks, they simply are not good enough quality to breed from, so they are taking up an entire paddock, wafting their scent and sending the girls in the adjoining paddock into a hormonal frenzy. These female hussy’s stand at the fence calling to the boys and wiggling their tails, giving the boy’s the teasing ‘come on’. So the poor boys jump on each other out of frustration. Occasionally the girls stick their head through the fencing wire trying to rub that wonderful buck aroma over themselves. I'm glad they don't back up to the fence instead! There's that old saying, "where there is a will there is a way!"

                                   "But mum, he smells sooo good! I'm in love."

Today there was a way! Stinky 127 was missing all day, I thought he was doing his usual strutting up and down the boundary fence sending the girls into a frenzy. On dusk he arrived back, bringing with him another two goats. I counted up the boys, no that was too many, then I realised these extra two with him were does. 

Oh he looked smug and satisfied, but just to be sure his job was complete he was mounting them one at a time again. Not to be outdone Stinky 121 joined in the fun.

Those brazen girls had crawled under the boundary fence via a wombat hole. I'm crossing my fingers, toes and eyes hoping he is not fertile and pregnancy is not the result.

Yes the stinkies have to go!! 

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