Lipstick for goats

Lipstick for goats


Rose, Coffee and Otis

I have hand raised a number of goats over the years.  Without doubt these three are my favourites (shhh...don't tell the others).  I call them my hairy, horned, extremely spoilt, four legged babies. 

Rose, Coffee and Victor were my first poddies, affectionately dubbed the 'Three Amigos'. Otis joined the mischief makers two months later.  They were all rejected by their mothers. Sadly Victor died when he was two years old of urinary calculi.  

 Coffee is an extremely clever boy. I imagine if he were human he would have a university degree; my husband reckons he would be in gaol.

Otis is my paddock buddy. He will happily accompany me like a shadow, quietly grazing a few meters from me.

Rose.....Is totally in a world of her own; she is my brown headed blonde.